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Land O Lakes Rescue Petting Farm - Family fun Ontario

Land O' Lakes Rescue Petting Farm


At LAND O' LAKES RESCUE PETTING FARM, we pride ourselves on giving children a fun and educational farm experience. All of our animals have either been raised from babies or rescued with a lot of tender, loving care provided by our family. Regular veterinarian visits to the farm ensure that all the animals are healthy and safe for visiting by the public.


Scentsy Fundraiser for Land O' Lakes Rescue Farm

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Ginger's New Baby Girl Filly

Ginger's New Baby Girl Filly

Click the Donate button below to Donate $5 and submit your suggested name for Ginger's new baby girl!  Name will be drawn on Thanksgiving Weekend.



Save this horse. Save this horse.
Save this horse.
Save this horse.
Extensive vet care and a special diet are needed.
Please help by making a donation and make a difference in this animal's life!


Donna and Barry Smith reach out for your help to allow rescued farm animals stay in their forever home

Land O'Lakes Rescue Petting Farm originated because there was a need to help injured, sick and abandoned farm animals and offer a therapeutic setting for children and adults who have suffered from trauma and have special needs. We have been foster parents for the past 11 years and we have seen first hand how children and adults have over-come their trauma by working with the these animals.

The love and compassion that these animals receive from visitors who provide treats & hugs have helped make these animals gentle & can trust again. Each animal that arrives at our farm must be vet checked and provided the necessary on-going prescribed treatment plan. At the rescue farm, we try to generate funds by tours for the general public, educational groups and schools, day camps, and organized groups such as retirement homes & special needs program. We have a small snack bar & store and provide freshly made Chinese food daily for take out or eat-in. We sell baked goods to camp grounds & trailer parks and a few stores. We try to be self-sufficient and receive no government funding or agency support. We are not-for-profit and all our staff & community help are all volunteers. High school students can obtain their mandatory 40 community hours at this farm.

The Land O'Lakes area depends on tourism and the rescue farm is a unique attraction, but we can only open 6 months of the year to the public due to lack of water, winterized restroom, cooking and & eating facility. The animals still need to be fed, clean beds & receive vet care year round. We have monthly cost of hydro, insurance, property taxes & tractor maintenance & fuel. To run the farm it cost $30,000.00/year.

We have tried to generate enough funds & used our own savings to keep the rescued farm operational, but despite our best efforts, we are unable to support this on-going challenge. We need your help so we can continue to provide a safe nurturing home for these animals and any other animal that may come through our doors. We appreciate all the donations of hay and money that we have received in the past, but unfortunately it is not enough to support these animals. We need hay, grain and money to continue on.

We are on the verge of closing down if we can not generate more funds. We know these animals are farm animals and to think of where they will go and what will happen to them is unbearable to us. We provided this safe haven because of the neglect and abuse that they had suffered. Everyone who visited our farm, showed them how to trust. We need your help again! Please show your support by donating! 

Pet therapy provided for special needs children.


During the healing process of the animals we found that it also offered a therapeutic setting for our foster children and children with special needs. While they worked with these animals, caring for them, giving hugs and kisses, they were showing signs of compassion and were healing themselves. They too had suffered neglect and abuse and were apprehended into care from their parents. We have now been foster parents for the past 11 years and have seen first-hand how our children and other children & adults have over-come their trauma by working with these animals. The love and compassion that these animals received from our foster children and visitors to the farm, gave these animals hope again.These animals were all rescued from an abusive environment and due to the trauma they endured some of them were aggressive animals but with the help of particularly those with special needs or traumatic pasts they became the gentle loving creatures they are today. These animals are used as therapy animals for those with special needs.


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Friendly Chicken Girls and Miniature Pony Spot and Sandy

Family Fun on the Farm

  • Enjoy Learning about the Animals, Petting & Feeding them
  • Guided Tours are available
  • Children’s Play Ground area
  • Snack Bar & Souviner Shop Available

Donations are always greatly appreciated!
Your admission goes towards vet care and feed for all the animals.



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