Zeke the goat rescued

adopt a goat giftOur mission is to help rescued animals when needed and this goat really needed us.

Zeke came to us a few months ago with a very bad bladder and kidney infection. It was one of the worst infections that we have ever seen. His urine was pure blood.

He had a horn growing in and it was piercing his skull. His hoofs had hoof rot (thrush). He could hardly walk on them without pain. His fur was like straw and his skin was so dry and flaky. He was extremely under weight. His gut could not absorb any nutrients and his knee had been broken a couple of years ago and was never set.

Zeke needed vet care immediately. He continues to see the vet and needed special medicine one again in the summer.

Zeke is on the road to recovery, because of your donations and admission  to the farm this past summer.

Through medicine we were able to clear up his kidney/bladder infection, have his horn surgically removed, cleared up his thrush (hoof rot) and put him on a special diet. His fur is nice and shiny and his skin is now very healthy. Zeke needs shots every 3 days. He has a special diet and we have introduced copper to his diet. His gut is healing and is slowly absorbing the much need nutrients. He still remains under weight, but with time he will recover from this.

He still needs his knee reset, but that is very costly and he will have to go to Guelph University Vet Hospital to have this fixed. Please continue to donate. Your donations are making a difference in Zeke’s life.

How your donation is used:

Medicine $50.00/month – we administer the medicine
Special diet $100.00/month
Vet care $250.00 every 3 months
Surgery $5,000.00 (Guelph University Vet Hospital)

Like all our animals at Land O’Lakes Rescue Petting Farm – Zeke counts on visitors support or supporters like you to help with the cost of feed, vet bills, and of course bedding and hay.

If you would like to help click the subscribe button to setup a subscription payment, you can use credit card or automatic withdrawl from your bank each month. Every dollar helps us help them. Think about donating today.

$5.00 Per Month
$10.00 Per Month
$20.00 Per Month

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