Our Land O’ Lakes Rescue Petting Farm Ducks

Land O' Lakes Rescue Petting Farm Casey & Finnegan Our Ducks We have two ducks. One male and one female. You can tell the difference by the color of their beak and their size. The male is larger than the female and has a bright yellow beak. Our female has black spots on her beak.

We named our ducks Casey and Finnegan. Casey is the male duck. Our ducks are very unique. We have trained our ducks. We can call them from the pond and they will walk all the way to the barn to their stall every night. They also can play duck tag. Barry our trainer can call Casey from across the pond and he will respond and swim immediately over to play duck tag. Barry will call the duck out of the pond and tell him that he will honk his tail. Casey acts like he is not looking and turns his head away.

Barry will squeeze his tail and say HONK… HONK… and Casey will turn around and chase Barry. Barry has to run before the duck catches him. Casey will stop and turn away and do it all over again and again. Casey loves this game and looks forward playing it everyday.

Duck Facts

Ducks are also called water fowls. They are related to geese and swans. Ducks have shorter necks, wings and a short body. They can live from 2 to 12 years and have web feed that act like paddles.

They can swim in icy cold water because they have very few nerves in their feet. We have a special breed of ducks call the Peking ducks.
Our ducks eat a special formulated duck food made from grains and grass.

While they are in the pond they will eat almost anything including roots, snails, fish, frogs and tadpoles.

Come visit Casey and Finnegan and watch them play tag. They love putting on a show for you.

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