We encourage visitors to the Land O’ Lakes Rescue Petting Farm to submit their personal testimonial of our loving animals and about their experience while here. You can view the testimonials from recent guest to the farm below.

Donna and Barry Smith

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  1. Every time we stop at Land O’Lakes Farm we are reminded how amazing this family truly is. It’s beautiful how far these animals have come. Such an amazing place to stop by with the kid. Super child friendly & fun for the whole family.

  2. The staff were very friendly and welcoming. They even let us take my small dog onto the farm while we visited the animals (just not in the barn). My 6 year old nephew enjoyed feeding the animals and it was very interesting to hear the rescue stories of the different animals. The farm will definitely be on our ‘Must Visit’ list every year from now on!

  3. Inara says:

    From Sammy the hugging turkey to Rascal the goat that climbs in his pen. These animals are amazing! We had a staff walk us around and tell us a story about each animal. There was a goose with a broken wing, a duck that had a broken foot and a goat that lived with the llamas. You could tell the staff loved and cared for the animals. It’s small and hopefully one day it will grow so they can rescue more animals.

  4. Sue Marthbanks says:

    We had a magical time with Berry and all his wonderful animals! I have admit getting hugged by a turkey named Sam and kissed by a cow named Bay was a highlight for me. My Granddaughter loved the bunnies! This is a must stop for anyone visiting The Land O Lakes!- Sue Marthbanks

  5. Alicia says:

    We have visited the Petting Farm a few times and have had an amazing experience. I have been lucky enough to have a chance to feed Charlie the Llama (not to mention receive a hug from Sam the Turkey). Anyone who has not visited the Petting Farm, I highly recommend you do so. The animals are sure to put a smile on your face. They each have their own unique stories and special qualities. I love what you guys are doing for these animals. Keep up the great work!- Alicia

  6. Hamilton Group says:

    Great time here! Amazing work that has been done with the animals and each one has a personal, interesting story behind it. Barry is so friendly. We will definitely be back! From the group from Hamilton, camping at Bon Echo Park.

  7. Crystal Inwood says:

    Thank you to Barry and Donna for all you do to care for these animals. The love and time you spend with them is evident in how gentle they are with visitors, especially children. We learned a lot. –
    Crystal Inwood

  8. Erica says:

    What a great place!!! Animals are beautifully loved by all and very well taken care of. Everyone should visit here and assist in keeping this place open. Animals that have been unfortunate with crudely and abandonment have found their safe haven at this lovely place. Will definitely go back and see these creatures.

  9. I was introduced to this amazing farm by my friend who had such wonderful things to say! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go today! Josh was an amazing tour guide and made us so comfortable with the animals and shared a lot of their stories. Magically place!

  10. An incredible experience. Our 8 year old, Amber was surprised with a visit today with family and friends for her birthday and her love of animals could not keep the smile off her face. Barry was an amazingly kind, friendly and knowledgeable guide who’s passion to help the animals and share their stories was evident with his every word.

    We are looking forward to help raise awareness of this amazing place, and to help raise money to keep this passion alive!

    Thank you for a wonderful experience for our entire group. We’ll be back!

  11. Courtney says:

    Fantastic petting zoo. Owner personally took us on a delightful tour, even allowed the animals to come out in the barn and interact with the children. It was a wonderful experience for my daughter. Thank you very much!

  12. okay this farm is honestly one of my favourite places in the world, I’m soso thankful that a family friend Jessica showed us this farm! if I could I would go back to that place everyday! everyone there is just so kind and caring towards the animals and anyone who comes to visit the farm, so go and visit the farm, you won’t regret it!

  13. Amanda says:

    Love the personal tours you get! You get to know alot more about the animals (past and present), and what you can do with them! Always welcoming visit!

  14. This place is amazing! We took our two daughters to visit and they loved seeing all the beautiful animals and hearing about their stories. The workers and volunteers go out of their way to answer or help you with anything you need. Everyone needs to visit…I can guarantee you will fall in love with all of these amazing and wonderful animals. We took a special liking to Bailey the cow…she is so sweet. We can’t wait for our next trip to Ontario!

  15. Hana K says:

    Land O’ Lakes is a great place for kids to spend time, and interact with the animals. This is a very interactive farm where you get to feed, pet and play with the animals. Guests are provided a bucket of carrots to feed the animals. My 3 year old loves being there, and he has gotten more comfortable with the animals with each visit. Every time we are in the area we are sure to stop by! The owners are great and will open the farm for you even if they are officially closed (within reasonable hours, obviously). I usually call ahead and see when would be a good time to stop by.

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