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Donna and Barry Smith

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  1. What an amazing place to visit. Very welcoming and Barry gave us an amazing tour. You can see the love he has for these animals and the love they have for him. Definitely worth a visit and we will go again!

  2. An incredible experience. Our 8 year old, Amber was surprised with a visit today with family and friends for her birthday and her love of animals could not keep the smile off her face. Barry was an amazingly kind, friendly and knowledgeable guide who’s passion to help the animals and share their stories was evident with his every word.

    We are looking forward to help raise awareness of this amazing place, and to help raise money to keep this passion alive!

    Thank you for a wonderful experience for our entire group. We’ll be back! 🙂

  3. Shauna says:

    I was able to visit the farm with my family in October of 2014. My son has autism, and I couldn’t wait to see his reaction to the animals, which was positive. I was however surprised by the profound affect it had on me personally. I have chronic anxiety. With my son having so many health issues and being sick, my anxiety was at an all-time high at the time of our visit. The minute I held a baby duckling my anxiety literally melted away and I felt calm and at peace.

    I also discovered that the animals all had their own unique personalities too. For example: Sammy submitted to me right away, allowing me to pet him and hug him, which is so unusual for a turkey. These animals are so gentle that you can feed them right out of your hand and pet them. It was amazing!

    One can not simply appreciate the magic of Land O’ Lakes Rescue Farm until they’ve experienced it for themselves. Sadly technology has taken away a lot of family time, but Land O’ Lakes Rescue Farm makes a really great good old-fashioned family outing.

  4. I greatly appreciate the way that you have your farm set-up. There were lots of interaction with the animals for my 3 year old daughter- who really did not want to leave. It is not everyday you get to pet a turkey. Sammy was quite fond of my husband. I took a liking to Mr. Pretty Boy and I think both he and Hope liked me too. And Rascal, well he is just a hoot. It’s evident that the spirit and love of the animals flows through Donna & Barry and the farm to the people that visit. We look forward to visiting again and wish the Smith family much health and future success. Thank you for being so accommodating and for the wonderful conversation.

    Rose & Shawn DesRochers

  5. We were so moved by the animals and their stories; heartbreaking actually, but thank you to the wonderful people there who took them in and provided a safe haven for them. I recommend this place to everyone. You will enjoy yourself and walk away with a whole new appreciation for animals.

  6. We had an amazing time at the farm today. My children had so much fun. Thank you for caring so much for these animals.

  7. Cheryl Reid says:

    I had my first visit to the farm in Aug and was so impressed with Barry’s dedication and absolutely charmed with the animals

  8. Tanya says:

    We loved our visit. My daughter loved hugging the turkey so much I didn’t think she would leave. She had such a good time with all the animals and is begging to go back again soon.

  9. Izzy says:

    Met some lovely creatures who have all overcome trauma or neglect with the helping hands at the Land O’ Lakes Rescue Petting Farm. From a Canada Goose that can’t fly to a lovely horse (my favourite) learning to trust again after an attack from a mountain lion, each one has incredible personality. Be sure to visit and if you can’t then offer a helping hand however you can! Donate!! There’s a lot of love going around here but more is needed!

  10. Adam says:

    We drove 1 hour to visit the Land O’ Lakes Rescue Petting Farm, and let me tell you, it was worth it and more! The family fun atmosphere, the gentle friendly and highly interactive animals and the great staff make this a family fun activity for everyone to enjoy. Keep up the amazing work! You can tell these animals feel the love you provide them.

  11. Nancy Magee says:

    What a great place to bring children for a day trip. Such a great learning experience to hear about all the rescue stories and see how happy these animals are.

  12. What an incredible learning experience for our children! We very much enjoyed our time on the farm. Well worth the drive.

    It is amazing what you folks are doing to provide for these animals who came to you under often critical circumstances. Keep up the good work!

    We will be back for sure.

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