Land O’ Lakes Rescue Petting Farm Donkeys
Land O’ Lakes Rescue Petting Farm Donkeys
Land O’ Lakes Rescue Petting Farm Donkeys

We purchased our donkey at a sales barn. The original owner decided he did not need him anymore. At the time of purchase. he needed medical and ferrier attention. After a great deal of expense and attention ,  we are happy to say our donkey is in great health and is very happy.

We named him Mr. Jackson. He is a very friendly donkey who loves to be petted and hugged by children and adults. If you don’t stop to spend time with him, he will follow you around and if you are close enough to him he will put his head on your shoulder and give you a hug. He sometimes chases the other horses away, so he can have all the attention.

Mr. Jackson will call you over with his loud voice… Hee…Hee…Hee…Heehaw!

Mr. Jackson has a very important job on the farm. He protects all the other animals from predators. He has already chased out a bear, fishers and raccoons.

Donkey Facts

They are a domesticated member of the horse family. They originally come from Africa. A small donkey is sometimes called a burro.

The male donkey is called a jack and a female is called a jenny. A mule is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. They were domesticated around 3000BC about the same time as horses.

When you visit Mr. Jackson, make sure you check out his unique markings. He has a cross on his back. If you remember it was a donkey that carried Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Like all our animals at Land O’Lakes Rescue Petting Farm – Our Donkeys counts on visitors support or supporters like you to help with the cost of feed, vet bills, and of course bedding and hay.

If you would like to help click the subscribe button to setup a subscription payment, you can use credit card or automatic withdrawl from your bank each month. Every dollar helps us help them. Think about donating today.

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